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Homeowner Claims

As a homeowner, you pay your insurance premiums in good faith; trusting that the insurance company that your agent sold you will pay a claim if you have sudden or accidental damage in your house. Even though you probably never read the fine print in the multiple page insurance policy, you hope that the carrier that you entrusted will pay your claim if there is an accident and your home is damaged.

I can’t tell you how many times frustrated homeowners have called me with disbelief when their insurance company sent them a letter that basically told them to go pound sand. A very common response from an insurance company to very legitimate claim is that the damage claimed was pre existing or is not covered based on the fine print in the insurance contract. Another common problem for homeowners is being underpaid by the insurance company after an adjuster makes a one sided determination as to the value of the claim.

Rogatinsky and Matthews, P.A. has fought homeowners’ insurance companies on behalf of our homeowner clients for over 16 years. Our lawyers help you seek timely and accurate settlements of claims, no matter how the damage occurred.

If you are a homeowner and you have been impacted by property damage, we are here to help you get the quickest result with the least amount of heartache. Both Sam Rogatinsky and Terrell Matthews fight these cases aggressively. We make sure that you get the fair recovery you are entitled to keeping in mind the suffering that you are enduring.

Rogatinsky and Matthews is a contingency firm and we don’t make a dollar unless we recover money for our client. The are no upfront fees and all cases are contingency cases. This means that we don’t see a penny unless we recover money for you and you will never be charged by our firm to handle your case. If we don’t get you paid, we make nothing.