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About R & M

Rogatinsky and Matthews is a law firm dedicated to helping homeowners who have not been treated fairly by their property insurance company.

As homeowners in Florida we pay a hefty price for property insurance. Its seems that every year, the rates go higher and higher with no end in sight. Insurance companies in Florida lobby state government for continuous rate increases despite the fact that we have not seen a major hurricane for many years.  The unfortunate part about the homeowner insurance industry is that Florida insurance companies have become experts at underpaying claims or denying claims.  Insurance companies are in the business of making plenty of money and the best way to accomplish that is by not paying claims.

At the Rogatinsky and Matthews firm we understand that insurance companies will use every tactic to either underpay or not pay a claim.  They may claim that your damage is pre-existing or not covered under the specific terms of your policy. Our statewide law firm has fought homeowners insurance companies on behalf of homeowners for more than 15 years. We can help you recover a fair settlement for water damage, busted pipes, fire damage, hurricane or storm damage or any other cause such as vandalism or sinkholes that are covered under your policy.

At the Rogatinsky and Matthews firm we go to court. Our strategy will always be to  set the case for trial as soon as possible so you can get the money that is owed to you. If your family is forced to relocate, we will seek additional living expenses from the insurance company so you can maintain your lifestyle. We fight these lawsuits on a contingency basis so that you will never have out of pocket costs to fight the insurance company.

If you are in need of legal advice, contact Samuel Rogatinsky or Terrell Matthews to schedule a free and confidential appointment in our office or at your home.