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Fire  Claims

A fire in your home or business can destroy  your property and devastate the entire family. Insurance companies scrutinize every inch of a fire claim because the exposure to the carrier is significant even if it is a smaller fire. After the fire department has completed its job and the scene is empty, people are left on their own to deal with an insurance company adjuster. The adjuster who often appears to be friendly will show up with a tape recorder and a video camera. Homeowners need to know that the insurance company adjuster is not your friend and he is not there to make sure you get the most money to restore the damaged house.

Most fire losses are investigated for quite some time and it is not uncommon for a homeowner to be out of their house for months or even years  depending on how soon the carrier accepts the claim and starts funding the rebuilding of the home. You and your family will need money to stay at a hotel during the first few days or weeks and if it’s a large fire with smoke damage, you may need to rent an apartment for up to a year. It is our job to make sure that you have enough money to maintain both your temporary living outside of the home and the mortgage that you have on your damaged home. As soon as we accept your fire case our first priority is to get you the ALE or additional living expenses that you will need. ALE  will account for lodging, clothes, food, and anything else that you may have lost in the fire.

After a fire you will need to provide the insurance carrier with a contents list. This list will describe the damaged items and it will also assign a value to the item. Remember that the carrier will often discount the amount that you submit however it is crucial that you are as detailed as possible so that there is less wiggle room for the insurance company. If you have receipts from furniture purchases that will help in our negotiations.  Call either Sam Rogatinsky or Terrell Matthews to discuss your fire claim. The earlier we get involved in your claim the better it will be for the viability of your claim.

Water Claims

Water claims encompass many different types of losses. It can be anything from a busted pipe in the wall to a supply line under a sink that erupts or becomes loose. In our practice we have seen water damage destroy an entire house from the walls to the floors to the cabinetry. Water damage is quite common in every state but in Florida, water damage can often lead to mold and this can become an expensive proposition even for a smaller house. When mold grows after a water loss, it must be dried either by the homeowner or a restoration company. We do not advise homeowners to contact restoration companies unless it is absolutely necessary. In fact, most carriers have a list of preferred vendors who are restoration companies and they will be able to assist you with drying out your house.

At our firm we examine the water damage that you have sustained and we will make sure that the carrier receives an estimate that covers all damage. This can be damage to walls, floors, cabinetry, molding, and even mold. Do not sign a release on a water damage claim until you speak to our office. We are experts at examining damage and assessing the cost to repair back to its pre-loss condition.